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 This policy is intended to meet the requirement for a DRFCA policy and procedure for those agencies who net 5 million dollars or more and must institute such a policy. 

This policy covers the mandatory requirement to check employees to make sure that they are not on the OIG exclusion list prior to hire.

To ensure that the agency follows the State laws regarding the screening of all employees, contractors/entities for exclusion from participation in federal healthcare programs. This requirement for screening extends to include administrative and management services not directly related to patient care

This Admission Packet is Licensed & Certified Home Health specific and is designed for TEXAS non-accredited Home Health Agencies. This Admission Packet has all required paperwork that is completed with the patient upon admission, and includes both the documents that stay in the patients’ home and those that are returned to the office, with the exception of the Medication Profile and the OASIS C forms. This Admission Packet allows your Nurses to use lap tops in the field, or print the forms in the office to complete by hand. This is a great tool to make compliance easier than ever.

This form for home health or hospice is when the nurse receives actual orders from the physician himself or his representatives.

Influx Risk Analysis for Infection Control Accredited form: This is the influx report form required by accredited bodies for home health and hospices. This form has all the elements required within the report to be compliant.

This home health and hospice form is when the nurse is requesting something of the physician such as permission to get an air-mattress for a patient. When the physician reviews the top portion of the form (the nurse request portion) and then completes his/her section it becomes a physician order. So many nurses document telephone orders when they never spoke to the doctor's office. This tool allows the nurse to truly request orders and document the request legally and within the scope of her practice.

This form is to meet the requirements for home health for coordination of care and the physician 60 day summary.

Why pay $125.00/hour when you can buy 4 visits to cover 2018 each quarter and only pay $100/hour?

Special Bundle Rate: $100/hour with prepay purchase of 4 (8-hour day) consulting visits. $3200.00 total cost. Travel is still billed at $50/hour after each visit occurs per normal billing procedures if outside of Houston, Texas address. NOTE: Visits must be used within a 12-month period from date of purchase or will expire at that time. Visits prepaid are non-refundable once purchased.

If you are located outside of Houston City limits you will be billed travel time after completion of each visit. The following travel reservations to be made and paid for by Agency (Company) as applicable: (*Note: Travel time is billed to the (Company) at $50.00 per hour. Travel time is calculated from the CRS office until destination is reached.) 

This version was updated August 2011 to incorporate the new changes that became effective 8/1/11. This version meets DADS (97.256) requirements in the State of Texas and Accreditation Standards.